Development of CSAJ

2021 Renamed to "Software Association of Japan"
2020 "Free employment agency business" started
2018 Established "Software ISAC"
2018 "Data proper erasure execution certificate issuance business" started
2017 CSAJ "Work Style Reform Declaration" announced
2015 Honorary Advisor Keiko Erikawa, Awarded Medal with Blue Ribbon
2015 CSAJ Startup Accelerator Project
2014 U-22 Programming Contest for management start
2014 Chirman Shigefumi Wada, Awarded Medal with Blue Ribbon
2013 Established and Started “Packaged Software Quality (PSQ) Certification” System
2012 Migrating to general incorporated association at April 2012
2010 Established "information system traders Development Council"
2010 Launched "information system trader training program"
2009 Established “Association for Computer Skills Promotion (ACSP)”
2007 Certified “Privacy Mark” certification body
2007 Integrated “Japan Useware Association(JUA)”
2006 JPSA changed to new name “Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ)”
2005 Established “Go IT! Financing Program”
2004 Acquired "Privacy Mark" for Ensuring Protection of Personal Information
2004 Established Support Program for Packaged Software Vendors
2004 Started JPSA(CSAJ) Alliance Awards
2003 Established 3 Dimension CAD Examination
2003 Started Computer Based Testing
2003 Started Training Program for 2nd Class of PC Finaneial & Accounting Expert Test
2003 Established Basic Grade of CAD Examination
2003 Established New Membership Category for the CAD examination venue
2000 Started an administrative membership
2000 Started Venture Business Support Conference program
1999 Started an associate membership (free membership for limited term)
1994 Founded the Useware Engineer Examination Center
1994 Requested four audit organizations including Japan Auditor Association to cooperate for the prevention of illegal copies of software
1994 Started administering the PC Financial & Accounting Expert Test Committee across the country
1993 Established the Illegal Copy Taskforce Project
1993 Started the Conference Across the Nation
1991 Founded the Network Council
1990 Started administering the CAD Instructor Qualification Examination across the country(The name was later changed to "CAD use technical expert qualification Committee")
1986 Participated in the foundation of the Illegal Products Taskforce
1986 The association's name in Japanese was changed to "Nihon Personal Computer Software Kyokai"
1985 Established the Software Legal Protection Surveillance Organization
1982 JPSA was established founded by 22 companies including software houses The original name of the association in Japanese was "Nihon Pasokon Software Kyokai"

Event of CSAJ

2000~2014 Held “CEATEC JAPAN”
2011~2012 Held “Japan China enterprise IT software Summit”
2007 Held “Asia Enterprise Application Forum in JAPAN”
1997~1998 Held “COM JAPAN”
1994~1996 Held “JPSA Convention”
1992~1993 Held “NETWORK”
1990 Held “Soft World”
1988~1989 Held ”World Software Conference”