About SAJ

The Software Association of Japan (SAJ) aims to contribute to the sound development of Japanese industry and the improvement of Japanese citizens’ lives through businesses related to the development of the software industry, where corporations related to software products gather.

Software Everywhere: Toward a future digital society where everything runs on software

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, software is used for everything. Furthermore, digitalization is making software increasingly important. In order to promote a digital society for all software, SAJ takes action based on our mission of “Supporting all organizations (teams) and individuals related to software,” with a focus on our vision of “Creating a future for Japan and software.”

Vision: Creating a future for Japan and software

Mission: Supporting all organizations (teams) and individuals related to software

Three activity policies

1. As a representative of the software industry, build an ecosystem in collaboration with the national government, including policy recommendations for promoting a digital society.

2. Support the growth of member companies and the happiness of their employees by promoting the improvement of technical capabilities, the development of human resources, the development of sales promotion methods, and research.

3. Pursue secure and high-quality software, and contribute to the promotion of digital society and to the improvement of the Japanese software industry.


Number of Membership (2021/08/01)
Regular membership 525
Supporting membership 52
Special Supporting membership 4
Administrative membership 9
Examination venue membership 5
Associate membership 61
Total 656
(Individual membership) (2)
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