Greetings from the Chairperson

Norio Ogiwara

Norio Ogiwara
President, Mamezou K2TOP Holdings Corporation


Born in 1958. Graduated from the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University.

After working for a foreign-affiliated accounting firm and an audit corporation, he opened Ogiwara CPA Tax Accountant Office in 1996. In 2000, he became a Director of Mamezou Co., Ltd. (currently Mamezou Holdings Co., Ltd.).

After assuming the position of President at Mamezou Co., Ltd. in 2003, he became Chairperson and President of the company in 2019. He then established K2TOP Holdings Corporation (currently Mamezou K2TOP Holdings Corporation) in 2020, after which he became President (current position) of Mamezou K2TOP Holdings Corporation and a founding representative partner (current position) of Tax Accountant’s Corporation Progress.

In 2006, he became a Director of the Japan Personal Computer Software Association (JPSA; currently SAJ). Afterwards, he was appointed as Executive Director, Vice Chairperson, and First Vice Chairperson of the Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ; currently SAJ). In 2014, he became Chairperson of CSAJ (currently Chairperson of SAJ).

In 2016, he was appointed as a Director and Secretary-General of the Information Technology Federation of Japan (current position).

In 2018, he was appointed as a Director and Secretary of Learning of Tomorrow (current position).


In recent years, it is being said that Japan is falling behind in digitalization. SAJ has made policy recommendations on various occasions, which finally led to the establishment of the Digital Agency by the Japanese government.

In a society centered on software, which is most necessary for digitalization in the future, the time has come for SAJ to once again demonstrate the proper path to be taken. Moving forward, we will open APIs on the cloud to realize a society where software can be connected, and will promote data sharing to contribute to the creation of a convenient and secure society.

Digitalization of Japan is the most critical issue. Without software, there will be no progress in digitalization. The vision of “Creating a future for Japan and software” is a manifestation of the overlap between national policy and the vision of SAJ. In other words, the activities of SAJ will create the future of software and will also form the future of Japan. To achieve this goal, it is important to become an organization with overwhelming influence. Therefore, SAJ must support the opinions of all organizations (teams) and people who promote digital transformation (DX), and must gather a broader range of opinions.

In the future, DX will enter an era in which all corporations will become IT corporations. At SAJ, we would like to invite corporations that use software to run their business, freelancers, and people working as engineers as concurrent jobs or second jobs to become members. We will also hold meetings to encourage further interaction among members.

Furthermore, we hope that young executives, including those at startups, will participate in the management of SAJ and actively change the future of Japan (as a nation).

As discussed above, SAJ will continue to fulfill a role in line with the times not only for the software industry, but also for the development of Japan and digital society in the future. We look forward to your continued support.